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Liberal Arts Courses

In addition to completing the two-course Core Curriculum sequence, all undergraduate Tisch students are required to complement their professional training with liberal arts courses.

The number of required liberal arts/general education courses varies among the departments.  You should consult with your department advisor or administrator, or reference degree requirements online, through Albert, or in the Tisch Bulletin (link to the right), to determine how many liberal arts credits are required in order to obtain your degree. 

Courses that count toward the liberal arts/general education requirement are those that broaden student perspectives through research, analysis, historical overview and/or critical thinking.  Courses that do not count toward this requirement are professional or practical in nature or apply toward your departmental requirements.  Most courses taken through NYU's College of Arts & Science will credit as liberal arts/general education, and may include any courses in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences that are not directly related to a student's major field of study. For example, if a film student takes a German cinema class through the German department, this course will not count toward the student's liberal arts requirements.

Additionally, all courses taken at the Steinhardt School of Education (E prefix), Stern School of Business (C prefix), the Gallatin School of Individualized Study (K prefix), and the Wagner School of Public Service (P prefix) will credit only toward electives and will NOT credit to liberal arts/general education.  Students will not receive any credit at all toward the degree for any courses taken at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS, X or Y prefix).  Individual departments may have additional restrictions on courses that can not be taken for general education credit.  

Course descriptions for the CAS Departments can be accessed through the departmental websites found within the online CAS Bulletin at

Please consult the Tisch School of the Arts Bulletin or visit the individual department websites for more detailed information about degree requirements as they relate to liberal arts courses.